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Hey there, I’m Lo

My name is Lauren, but most people call me Lo.
I’m 26 years old with a passionate love for Led Zeppelin and my ever-growing collection of amethyst and smoky quartz pieces. For whatever reason, I’m enjoying the single life and hoping to adopt a cat when I get ready to settle into a home. Her name will be Harlow! I’m currently traveling between Los Angeles and Nashville, but I’m usually always on the road traveling anywhere and everywhere my heart desires!
I’m happiest outdoors - finding secret
off-the-beaten-path hikes and driving off road, kayaking high alpine lakes, and camping keep me happy.
A lover of Chipotle + Blue Belle Pecan and Praline Ice Cream and a firm believer that Chipotle should have a drive through window.
In my free time you can find me roaming around antique shops, finding new places to eat, exploring a new city, or simply at home - wherever that may be at the moment - watching reruns of Bob’s Burgers.

My favorite places in the US are Joshua Tree National Park and New York City. There’s just something so magical about both that leaves you feeling awakened! If you haven’t been to Joshua Tree or Yucca Valley, I highly suggest it!


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Strengths Finder
Deliverer, Optimist, Catalyst, Self-Believer, Philomath

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Myers Briggs

a few things that make me happy

new places
starry nights

favorite quote to live by

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
by Eleanor Roosevelt

my love language

I give gifts + enjoy receiving quality time
also the sharing memes and gifs through text messaging