for the free spirited + beautifully in love

Let’s go to the places that make your soul feel at ease. Experience the salty sea, the sandy desert, and the crisp air of the mountains. We will find your true personalities while immersed in this whirlwind of an experience together.
I want to capture the in between moments of your day - that show how beautifully you love!
Whether that’s during your couples session or sharing your vows.
I’m here for YOU.

If you're up for getting your dress a little dirty, hike to that beautiful location, and share those intimate moments with me... we may be soulmates!

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Hey there, I’m Lo

I’ve always looked forward to the next
destination, the next sunset, the perfect
Golden Hour. My desire to travel
and my professional career have taken
me to wonderful places!
From bustling New York City to the
wanderous Yosemite. I’ve found nothing
more joyful in life than capturing
the beauty of smiles, uncontrollable
laughter, and all the sweet love!
I follow the enlightening moments in life. The stars, mountain tops, sandy beaches, and desert
highways serve as my muse - what
makes my spirit feel most creative and free.
When I’m not editing you can find me on the
prowl for vintage band tees, old polaroids,
and that next beautiful moment. I collect
crystals, sterling silver rings, and old records
while on the road.

A few things that make me happy:

New Places
Starry Nights


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