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Laguna Beach || California Engagement Session

What can I say about these two absolute troopers?
They braved the cold waves well after the sun set, climbed oyster covered rocks, and ran when I made them play the run and stop game - that’s where I hype you up to run really fast then all the sudden stop when I say so then you just repeat a few times till we are all worn out. I told you in my FAQ that my couples/engagement sessions can be best described as a workout!

But like… a beautiful workout.

The tide rolled in right around 7:30 and we almost lost a few shoes and a sports coat, but thankfully the seagulls were playing with everything enough to where they didn’t go too far into the water.
Laura found me through Instagram and we had been engaging with each other for a few months before she finally asked me to photograph her and her fiancé - I felt so honored she chose South of Indigo to run around and play in the water with during such an intimate time in her relationship.

Can’t wait to see you two cuties again soon!